About Us

Our novel hybrid pedagogy approach revolves around more centered on kids learning, opportunities for skill enhancement and teachers role become more facilitative.
Our vision is to provide an unconventional world class education for everyone.
As a leading preschool education organization with distinctive commitment to kid's education, Precious Kids aspires to world class education. It seeks to fulfill this mission through project, inquiry, constructivism, ICT based approach to children's that cultivate courage, values, social, physical and ethical advancement in an academic-rich and joyful milieu.
  • To provide an academic rich, joyful environment that is safe, caring and motivating.
  • To increase language skills in both listening and communicating.
  • To encourage children to develop self-confidence, self-respect, self-control and to feel valued as an individual.
  • To provide quality education by adopting novel teaching-learning methods.
  • To promote children's social, intellectual and physical development through play and structured activities, preparing them for a smooth transition from pre-school to school.



Precious Kids is the most Precious, Pioneer educational organization in India. We cater the world class education to preprimary schools in all over India. We are the first Early Childhood Care and Education center who have adopted "Hybrid Pedagogy" in India.

  • Use of Tablet and App based learning.
  • Precious Kids is first in India have started with activity, project, inquiry based learning, etc.
  • Use of constructivism in teaching and peer interactive sessions.
  • Precious Kids Preschools are growing at every corner in India.
  • Hygienic, safe, academic rich and joyful environment.
  • Regular health and medical check-up.
  • Appropriate child teacher ratio.
  • Regular excursion, visit to theme based places (for learning purpose), picnics, celebration of days and festivals.
  • Specialist teachers such as play and act, theatre and art teachers, coaches for aerobics, indoor and outdoor games.

Our Activities

Our Best Services For Your Kids


Calligraphy, Drawing, Writing, Painting, Pencil Sketching, Handwriting, Spoken English, Handmade Tree and projects, Greeting Cards, Quilling, Food Carving, Key Chain, Rangoli, Mehndi, etc.


We celebrate all the festivals of every religion. We also celebrate days like independence day,republic day etc. In Precious Kids we also organize various programs on green day, mother's day, father's day etc and also organize programs on the birth aniversary of the legends.

Summer Camp

Precious Kids offers you a Summer Bucket. Empty your Summer Bucket which is full of creativity, fun and joy. We Organizes Summer activities such as Calligraphy, Drawing, Cartoon Writing, Painting, Pencil Sketching, Handwriting, Spoken English, Handmade Tree and projects, Greeting Cards, Quilling, Food Carving, KeyChain, Rangoli, Mehndi, etc.

Music/Dance Lesson

Precious School engage your child's natural love of songs, instruments, movement, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts.

Bus Services

Precious Kids provides bus services to all the students everyday.Safe and on time transportation facilities available.


Precious Kids build child's language development. We help them to build listening and understanding skills by talking with them, listening to them, reading and singing with them.